New Surf Kayak Designs-Riot Ninja 7’6″

Riot Designs Three New Surf Kayaks for 2009

Team Riot has designed three new surf craft for 2009. I am really excited about the Riot Ninja 7’6″ design. It seems to have the most flexibility of the three new shapes. If I got out on super sweet waves a 6’8″ Ninja might be the ticket.

There is no information yet on pricing, but the Riot team website is stating the the new Ninja’s will be available in composite foam core construction.

Their description is as follows:

Ninja 7′6″ (HP)
2009 Color Options: Red, Natural (carbon/kevlar)

With the same footprint, stern shape and peaked bow deck as the 6′8″, yet with a longer flat hull surface and a racy looking nose, the Ninja 7′6″ keeps some volume around the cockpit area in order to fit and float a wide range of paddler sizes. You’ll still be able to take the steep drops like the shorter Ninja but with more speed to carry you through those tough sections. This high performance craft will work well in variable conditions and fly off the lip with the best of them. Behold, the Ninja 7′6″.


* Superlight weight and stiff, Carbon/Kevlar, foam-core, composite layup
* Composite surfing powerseat
* Integrated thighbraces
* Customizable foam footblocks
* Two molded grab loops
* Tri-fin box setup
* Accessory loops inside cockpit

The shaping process was interesting to see on their website and well worth a look for the voyeuristic in you who wants to see how the sausages are made.

It is interesting to note that at one point that Riot Boogie was no longer available. And now they have four designs instead of one plastic surf craft. Perhaps good HP designs will now become readily available for us suckers in the US. While I love Mega Kayaks and think that they are still the absolute leaders in surf kayaks, it is hard to justify the cost of purchase, overseas shipping and customs costs. Perhaps a US Distributor will step up to compete. Clearly Riot is a long way off from truly competing with Mega in terms of the catalog offering.

In other words I am now sorely tempted by two new surf craft, the Valley Rush, and the Ninja!

Riot Ninja Surf Kayak 7 foot 6