New This is the Roll Video from Cackle TV

New This is the Roll video from Justine Curgenven at Cackle TV. It looks like an amazing video partnering with Turner Wilson and Cheri Perry. The video looks terrific for students who are trying to learn their first roll. For those first time rollers, the traditional paddle blade can be a terrific tool. My love affair with traditional paddling began in this way as well. There is a ton you can learn from the Greenland Paddle on how to get the boat upright for some oxygen.

Turner and Cheri have coached almost every year at Qajaq Training Camp in northern lower Michigan. I learned a ton of new rolls from both of them when I went to training camp some time ago. It’s also nice to see the same techniques repeated with a modern blade, as I’ve found that the majority of rolls I could do with a traditional blade translate pretty well to a Werner Ikelos.

It’s also pretty cool that Tiderace sponsored the video for Justine. Great to see Tiderace kayaks in the video.