New Tiderace Sea Kayak Models

New Tiderace Models

I had the pleasure of paddling Tiderace Kayaks at the Great Lakes Sea Kayak Symposium. Not a lot impresses me these days when it comes to sea kayaks. I’ve had my Foster Silhouette for a while now, but I have to say, the Xplore-S has me singing a few Hank Williams songs about cheatin’.

Tiderace Sea Kayaks Announced on their website that two new models are coming to you soon. The photos are from their website. The German Paddlesports Expo Kannumesse got to see them first hand. Freya sightings were abounding I am sure.

Tiderace introduced the Xcape and the Xtreme.

The Xcape (pictured above) is intended as more of an intro touring model at a lower price point than other Tiderace Kayaks.

This will come in three sizes:

  • Xcape 17’9″ Long 22″ Wide
  • Xcape S 17’3″ Long 21.5″ Wide
  • Xcape EXP 17’9″ Long 22.5″ Wide

The Xcape will come in a hand laid epoxy based layup, and the intro and hardcore layup. (check out layup descriptions here).
Intro layup sounds like it will be less expensive.

The Xtreme
Xtreme Tiderace New sea kayak
No stats were given, but it sounds like somebody’s gunning at the sub 16 foot P&H Delphin! Advertised as being shorter, more rocker, harder chines, flatter bottom, and bigger volume.

I think the new models fill a good gap for Tiderace, and hopefully we’ll be seeing more of them in the mid west with a few new dealers.

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  1. Please get them, or let’s take a trip down to Nigel’s. I want to try them all, in real conditions.

    These are very intriguing boats, that need more exposure in the Midwest; especially on a Great Lake, which would give more opportunities to truly test them!