New York Times Article on Winter Lake Superior Surfing

Winter Surfing Pic

The New York Times wrote an excellent travel piece about winter surfing on Lake Superior.

The waves in the pictures are stellar, clean spillers, not the norm on the north shore by any stretch of the imagination, don’t be fooled.

They also mentioned the venerable Superior Surf Club. Great article about the fresh water surfing phenomenon. I would love to see some growth in the Great Lakes Kayak Surfing club. Oh wait, there isn’t one? Did I just start it? I soooo did. Anyway…Our winter surfing is somewhat limited at the moment by 4 foot pack ice about 200 yards out. We need some meltage and soon.

Is it clear that I am dreaming of open water and waves, even if it is cold.


  1. Cool.

    We need to get out!!!!

  2. Did you say Kayak surfing club….count me in, now there’s two of us 🙂 Funny you posted this Keith I was just sitting in the Bullit yesterday dreaming of warmer days and SURF