NRS Desperado

Ordered these today:

I’ve had the same pair of chotas for a few years now and they are beginning to look very sorry indeed. They smell terrible too. I could use some wetsuit shampoo on them. But I am lazy. I think the smell is part of the charm. The low cut chotas are pretty useless. They are not overly warm, nor overly protective when trying to haul a loaded boat up a stony beach.

The difficulty is in finding a shoe that will fit inside the Silhouette with size 10 1/2 feet. Then add in the oversize goretex booties that must fit in the wet shoe most of the year and you have a very tempestuous fit.

There aren’t really that many options for footwear. NRS seems to have the market cornered.

One Comment

  1. I actually just picked up a pair of these at Canoecopia and had it in the pool today for playboating practice. These are now my favorite footwear for kayaking. I loved my NRS Rodeo socks and liked my NRS Attack Shoes but these are the comfiest shoes/socks yet. They have really nice suede wear strips and the sock is lined with something soft (fleece?) so it feels really nice on the toes.