October Revolutions

Surf was definitely up yesterday! The prediction was for seven foot waves and 25 knot winds. I think we were somewhere close to that. However it peaked just as I arrived. I could see steep glassy faces off of the North West corner South Haven pier. Board Surfers were out, but there were also oodles of Kite Boarders.

While I get the sensation of flying these guys actually are flying half the time. They tack back and forth in with the wind in front of the beach, using the waves to launch themselves, 10-15 feet into the air. It looks like a gas. But no paddles no locked into the water sensation.

I was able to do some very suicidal take offs with the boogie due to the great conditions. I dropped from the crest of some very steep faces and rushed ahead of the foamy part of the wave and then cutting to leeward to be pushed forward again as the face of one wave joined another. (Great Lakes Phenomenon).

For the first time I was also able to sweep and spin, back surf, and then spin again to begin surfing forwards. I practiced this on the smaller waves closer to shore, and then paddled back out to try it on some of the much larger waves. I was quickly schooled in how much skill it takes when I was capsized immediatly. But I quickly got it dialed in on the outer break as well. I had one steep take off that turned into a tumbling back surf ride, where I don’t even know how I ended up right side up, but I was laughing and enjoying the ride anyway.

After a particularly good ride that took me too close to shore I had one bugger of a time breaking back out. It took me 15-20 minutes to break back out.

I also lost my center fin in there somewhere. Not sure where, and I don’t know if this had anything to do with my newfound ability to flat spin….

A board surfer whom I see frequently switching back and forth between a long surfboard and a wavesport white water boat; told me he rescued some sea kayakers earlier in the day. It was only then that I remembered all the brand new glass sea kayaks on the beach as I hurried down to the water to start surfing. Without beginning a tirade *too late*, how is it that none of the white water boaters, the kite boarders, wind surfers, and board surfers who go out in these conditions don’t need to be rescued. But sea kayakers continue to head out unprepared when conditions are rough. What’s wrong with this picture?