Perched on the crest of a wave

Perched on the crest of a wave, originally uploaded by Go Kayak Now.

On our day downwind from South Haven to Saugatuck we used a lot of edging while on the critical point of the wave. The idea is you wait for your bow to release from the wave, and when you start to feel the beginning of wave power from behind, you edge in the desired direction. In the case of our trip we really had quartering seas from the south west all day so we would edge right to swing the bow out to sea to stay away from land, thus going north rather than north east where the wind was trying to push us. Here john is applying good low brace technique while he begins his edge.


  1. Hmmm. Dragging the paddle and edging left. . . why not ditch the Brit boat, get a surfski, steer left and keep paddling. You'll be there in half the time.

    • Best comment ever!

      Right on!

      I've been wanting to try an epic v-10 sport on a downwind day just like the one described in these posts. I paddled one at Grand Marais GLSKS and loved it. The V10 was a little tender for me at this stage I could paddle it, but not with confidence, but the V10 was very doable.

      Are you paddling the Great Lakes on A SurfSki on windy days? I'd love to film it if not try it!

  2. Hmmm. I think at this point I'm stern ruddering and edging the other way, towards shore. This looks like the "1 out of 3" degrees of edging, otherwise known as the Jeff Allen "farting on a bar stool" degree of edging.

    Thanks for the pic!