Perfect Synergy

Sometimes when you are looking to put something together on your own, and desperately craving some sort of solution to a problem, someone else has solved it for you.

“Redline 925 Commuter Bike”:

I especially like the moustache handlebars, the single speed flip-flop hub, and the fenders!

Bike commuter dream.


  1. This really struck a chord with me. I decided to convert my old Schwinn 12-speed into a single-speed. I’ve stripped off all the derailleur compoments, leaving the rear sprockets intact, and shortened the chain so that I have a 39:15 ratio. If things work out, I may replace the rear hub with a ss/fixed flip-flop.

  2. Nice looking bike but man I don’t know how I’d pick just one gear. I don’t even have a favorite.

    I really like the fenders since I only really commute with my bike so staying clean would be a plus in wet conditions.