Pool Sessions are open game on

Dave Diget and crew have opened up the Kalamazoo Central High Pool to the nuts and crazies. So I brought Gabriel and Tom to the pool session in order to make sure he knew we meant business.

I tried to help Tom with his Greenland Standard Roll. He seems very close, he can high brace now, which he couldn’t before. And now he is settling upside down calmly and then initiating the sweep, it is the sweep that confounds him.

Gabriel, freak like his father sets up to do a reverse low brace roll, I tried to correct him twice, but then I thought, why not let him learn that one first?….

Gabriel and I also tried a new trick roll. Gabriel sat on my lap facing me, wrapped his legs around my waist and then I would capsize while he held on tight. I came so close three times. I was in the Boogie so I think if I tried it in the Silhouette with a traditional paddle I would be even closer.