Port Sheldon to Saugatuck Sea Kayak Trip-Nov 15th 2008

Port Sheldon to Saugatuck Sea Kayak Trip-Nov 15th 2008

The plan overall is as follows:

MEET: @ Port Sheldon Launch off of Lake Shore drive on the north side of Pigeon lake. There is a boat launch (and large parking area) just south of the power plant (south of the rail road tracks, right on Lake Shore Drive. The launch is actually on the river, as it widens into the lake just before going through the channel to Lake Michigan. It is 1/2 to 3/4 mile paddle from the launch to Lake Michigan.

WHEN: Be at the launch at Noon, sort out gear discuss plans and be on the water by Noon-12:00pm.

Distance: 15 Miles + 1.5 up the Kalamazoo River. 4 NM an hour is the average so figure on at least 3 1/2-4 hours. Five is the finish time I was planning on.

Dinner @

Phil’s Bar & Grille
215 Butler Street
Saugatuck, MI 49453

Car Shuttling.

I am having my wife drop me off with my gear and boat to paddle down to Saugatuck.

Car shuttling can be handled very simply by any non-paddling members of your family. Or if you are coming from Grand Rapids, I recommend talking to one another to discuss the plan. It is also only 15 miles back to Port Sheldon so a bike, or a car drop could be worked into the plan.

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Please Watch These two in the day or two prior to the event.

Marine Weather

Holland Lake Cam

If it is huge and gnarly, 25 knots plus out of the west-northwest, we might have to consider a surf day in Saugatuck or Holland and then dinner. We may have a few extra surf boats and ww boats to play with too.

A word to the wise, this trip even if weather permits will be in cold weather and cold water.
Please dress accordingly and take responsibility for those you bring with you. A drysuit or wetsuit is mandatory, not an option.

I have extras of a lot of stuff so let me know what you need, and there are a lot of people who will be willing to offer good gear to those that can paddle.

Also another word to the wise, if you have a Skin on Frame or other type of folding boat without bulkheads do my hernia a favor and put some float bags in it!!!!