Rapid Transit Video on World Surf Kayak Championships in Portugal

Spencer and Joey have been making good progress on Interference the Surf Kayaking film! According to Effort.tv’s blog post DVDs ship this month. I pre-ordered mine, how about you!! Seeing some of this film is getting me very excited for the film.

Spencer also has some great footage of kayak fishing and the new word of the day, standup paddlefishing!


  1. The multiple exclamation points just prove that Keith is is really excited by surfing videos.

    My friends' 4-yo has very similar reactions to "plane rides", though he can't write yet.

  2. It is my contractual obligation to mock your use of exclamation points. I considered a sly comment about coffee consumption, but discarded as being obtuse, as are many of my jokes. Instead I will settle for suggesting your daughter wrote this post.

    Does everyone concur?

    • Isabella gets a little more excited about things like ponies, puppies, and trips to the beach. But I agree my exclamation points may be a bit over the top. However, when compared to the bored, or desultory tone of most blog entries, maybe a sprinkling of exclamation isn't a bad thing…