Remembering my fondness for Saramago

The article linked to here was from 2001 on my first website where my buddy Josh and I began our first foray into literary journal. It was a great time and the article I wrote on Saramago and Myth holds up pretty well actually. I was a bit cheeky in my literary theory then. I have become more critical and less theoretical as I’ve grown older about my reading I think.

I have read a lot of books in my life, but none have haunted me so much as Blindness. While sometimes we want literature to be escape and fantasy, we also need a frozen halibut upside the head every now and again. This book fell into the latter. My idea was to mash up The Lord of the Rings and Blindness, not sure if I pulled it off, but it got me thinking about the book.

You can find the article on Jose Saramago and Tolkein the new Mythology at

I would love to do a follow up essay on the BP Oil spill and the Stone Raft.