Dalua Downhill – Episode 4 Teutonia (English Version) from Zeppelin Filmes on Vimeo.

I saw this on kottke’s blog. It definitely got me thinking about the nature of risk vs. reward. While we do have a lot of discussion about the nature of risk, leadership, and duty of care, it is also important to remember why we got into the outdoors, paddle sports, and specifically kayaking at all. Without risk there is no reward. Watching these crazy bastards fly down a hill on skateboards at 70 mph made me realize that sometimes we can get a bit nuts about our thinking of risk and duty of care, and forget that there is a reason we are out there.

This video perfectly captures the nature of the dilemma, for some of us, we have to have the risk factor tweaked a bit to get some reward out of it. Minute 3:41 of the video says it all for me. Watch the subtitles for the operative phrase.