Road Cycling in my future?

Is there a Road Bike in My Future

Road Cycling in My future? Is road cycling too scientific for a low-tech runner and kayaker? Road cycling is reknown for over complicating a very simple sport.

I am beginning to do some thinking about Road Bikes. Since my introduction to cycling was really through cyclocross, I had a moderate disdain for roadies. Road cyclists seem to be overly scientific with everything. My perception is that road cyclists are uber-anal about training and equipment. My eyes glaze over when I begin to hear about saving 20 grams of weight when switching to a carbon bottle cage, or about increasing V02 max, or lactate threshold. A discussion of Polar Heart rate monitors actually make me want to strangle someone.

I sort of had an inkling that eventually a road bike might be in my future. But this really has more to do with my body revolting at running. I am essentially starting over with my running after April 30th when I have surgery for my inguenal hernia. I am considering trying to put more effort into distance cycling as my body doesn’t seem to revolt quite as much to the cycling.

Despite my body crying yes, my soul is crying no to all of the leg shaving, heart rate monitors, and the carbon bottle cages. Certainly I could go with some sort of cheapie steel bike, not where spandex and pedal my heart out, but I am after all somewhat of a gear head, and not a complete Luddite. I want to be able to compete a little, but not go overboard.

Kayaking has some of the same issues. The GPS carbon fiber everything, racing boat guys who have no interest in the beauty of the sport, and only care about going fast. I like going fast too, I like surf-skis and wing paddles, but I also like skin on frame kayaks, greenland paddles, and the beauty of a really traditional kayak. I admire the guys who can go 8 miles an hour in an epic kayak all day. But can they carve a sweet bottom turn on a wave? Can they elegantly bow-rudder into the wind? Probably not.

I don’t want to be that guy who has a complete carbon bicycle, but who can’t even jump a stump, or hit the sand at full speed and climb over muddy hills on a cross bike.

Simply put, I am drawn to cycling for the fun of it, but the price is a killer.

This Carbon Soloist from Cervelo has caught my eye:
Cervelo Carbon Soloist

But I may be living in a tent if I even whisper the thought of buying one to the wife!

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  1. I stay away from other roadies so I can ride whatever I want without listening to all their "carbon light this or carbon stiff that" language. Like Lance's book – It's Not About The Bike. Just find some open country road on a Saturday morning and ride until you don't recognize the scenery, then turn around and come back. It's just that beautifully simple. I have a decent aluminum bike with carbon forks and good shifters and I love it.

    But then again you're a hopeless gear-head so you might want to start hording cash right away ;>)