Sale Body Boat Blade Sea Kayak Rescues DVD

This deal came through the news wire this AM from Chicago via the Bloyd-Peshkins. You can almost hear the typewriters in the background. What follows below is the email from Alec and Sharon to share with them. Their email is in spam free format below.

Don’t pass up a great opportunity to own one of the best instructional videos around.

Best Keith

Shawna Franklin and Leon Somme (Body Boat Blade) are offering a no-shipping-fee deal on their new Sea Kayak Rescues DVD.

Shot by award-winning filmmaker Bryan Smith, this 30-minute video is a comprehensive modern guide to rescues for all paddlers. Footage includes rescues in tidal races, dynamic water and the open coast.

Extras include a skills videos on edging, bow rudder and stern rudders.

The cost is $25, payable by calling Body Boat Blade at (360) 376-5388 and paying over the phone. IMPORTANT: Also let us know when you’ve ordered.

We plan to finalize this group order on Wednesday morning, so please make sure you place yours and let us know by then! Our email is bpfamily (at)