Santa Cruz Surf Kayak Festival Results 2011

The Santa Cruz Surf Kayak Festival has ended.

Results were posted.

Sunday was cancelled due to sea state conditions. Sounds like a rare occurence. And considering the size of the swell I saw from Friday, that combined with wind might have been kinda deadly!

I would like to point out from this list a couple of people, only because I’ve been fortunate enough to meet them or swap a few e-mails.

Geoff Jennings placing third in his heat with some serious competition, when some other serious competitors may not have paddled out at all, or not scored. 4th IC Placement and 17th HP Placement.

Dave Johnston rocking first place in almost every single heat! 3rd HP Division.

Jeff Laxier suiting up against the Italians and Dessie McGlinchey in a super competitive heat is pretty awesome, again it looks like some people didn’t even get a ride or paddle out into the soup. So kudos to Jeff for heading out. It looked mean and cold. 14th HP Placement.

Buck Johnson rocking the IC Division. 11th HP and 6th IC
Congrats to Galen Licht for taking first again!

Some Videos of the awards ceremony

Still waiting on the contest videos.

Congrats to all the competitors SUP, HP, and IC, what a whacky big weekend to head out. Sorry I missed it, (again).


  1. Hey dude, sorry about the typo! And Congrats! Awesome job, and I can\’t wait to see some video of you in the contest.

    Best, Keith

  2. Thanks! But if my name is up there, can we mention that I got 1st in both my IC heats, leading to fourth overall in IC, my first (expert) medal at Santa Cruz!? =) Much more proud of that than 17th in HP!!!

    It was a wild contest. I’ve been going for 7-8 years, and it was absolutely mad this year. Crazy.