Sculptures of Humans and Animals made from manual Typewriters

Typewriter Nude Jeremy Mayer

Artist Jeremy Mayer makes sculpture from Typewriters

In the vein of the typewriter erotica, this artist has taken some of the manual typewriters hitting the scrap heap to make some very interesting sculptures. Some are human, some are animal. While it is sad that this beautiful machine has receded into the analog vestiges of the past, it is also exciting to see how the linear forms of metal are shaped to make something new.

The provocative and sublime nature of doing a nude made from manual typewriters gives me a sense of the functional and the forbidden. The animals the artist created are both animated and necrotic in a way that makes me want to reach for my wallet and buy one! In this way, I hope to some day see a gallery of sculptures completely made from used computer parts. I am sure it is out there, but it lacks the steampunk aesthetic of the typewriter.

Scary Necrotic Cat made from Typewriters

William Gibson, I am sure will now wax prosaically on his blog about how he and Bruce Sterling saw an exhibit of these sculptures in 1988 prior to writing the Difference Engine, in addition to touring Bletchley Park.

Make Sure to Visit Jeremy’s Site to view the rest of his work and the Typewriter sculptures.

PS: Now Josh can’t say I never post about Gibson or Typewriters.