Sea Kayak Stroke Modeling Video

Sea Kayak Stroke Modeling Analysis from Keith Wikle on Vimeo.

This is a reshoot of some footage for my ACA Level 4 Instructor Certification.

The following strokes are demonstrated:

Forward Stroke
Reverse Stroke
Bow rudder turn
Low Brace turn
Hanging Draw
Sculling Draw
Sweep Stroke turn (pivot turn alternating reverse/forward)
Low Brace
High Brace
Eskimo Roll

Many thanks to Alec, Sharon and Lyn for giving up a whole day to help me shoot this video.

There are a few less than optimal strokes, but overall not too shabby. The low brace turn was effected by the wind, so the turn was sort of stalled by the wind.


  1. I thought you had to reverse-paddle a figure eight course! I want to see the video on that, swearing included.

    But, nice video, although I prefer your usual soundtrack selections.

  2. Awesome video – you make kayaking look easy!