Sea Kayaking Lake Michigan-Van Buren State Park

I often fail to mention the beautiful dunes just to the south of South Haven Michigan. There are beautiful, if not majestic sand dunes there that are as high as 150 feet. The park is wedged strangely between a nuclear power plant and private homes.

I paddled 8 miles on Sunday to Van Buren State Park. I tried out my new camera rig. (stay tuned) and took these photos from the Dunes. I love the dune grass and tried to step around it, as it is very finicky about being disturbed. I have camped from the spot in this picture. It is one of the best views of Lake Michigan in our area.

It was a beautiful day on the water. Calm, sigh. But with some breeze and swell. While goofing around with my camera when it was attached to the back deck, I actually capsized three times and almost lost my hat. I got some good rolling practice and some good strokes practice in. I feel like I am finally getting the hang of the Ikelos.