South Haven Paddle Surf Jam Photo gallery

We were very lucky to have Matthew Norconk to take photos from the pier and shore with his Canon rebel DSLR. He got some great shots of the paddle surfers. It was a rough day for the surf kayakers looking to catch easy rides. It was a slug fest with a steady Southwest wind into the pier, so kayak surfing was limited to the area near the pier in about 4-5 feet of water. I had several faceplants in the sand myself, I know John Fleming had a bit of flesh wound with some zebra mussels in there. It would be great to see a few Stand up paddle surfers, and board surfers on a good day come to join the fun. It was pretty cool when we had 4 honest to goodness surf kayaks in the water at one point. I was somehow deeply honored that I’ve motivated even three people to take up what I consider the coolest sport known to paddle sports. If there are even three crazy surf kamikazes, we can always make more.

Thanks to everyone in attendance for showing up to hang out at one time or another, I hope to see some more paddle surfers out next year for the Surf Jam.