Summer Kayaking Lessons Announced

In partnership with Lee’s Adventure Sports, Go Kayak Now announces the Summer Paddle Program.

We will have the Intro to Kayaking lessons at Long Lake Ramona Park on the following dates:

Intro to Paddling
June 23rd Lesson 10-12, followed by a demo from 1-3:00 PM
July 28 Lesson 10-12, followed by a demo from 1-3:00 PM
Aug 25 Lesson 10-12, followed by a demo from 1-3:00 PM

Please signup through Lee’s for these courses. And if you have purchased a kayak this year from Lee’s make sure to tell the paddleshop as your lesson is free.

The following lessons are available only through Go Kayak Now! Please register with me via email These courses are at the DNR boat launch on Long Lake in Portage MI. Details for these kayak lessons in kalamazoo are here.

Fundamentals of Rescue and Safety
June 30th, Lesson 10-12.

Directional Control
Sept 1, 10-12

Our Paddling in Current Class is taught in Plainwell at Fannie Mell park. This class takes advantage of the swift current in this area near the Mill.

Paddling in Current
July 14th 10-12

Eskimo Rolling
Eskimo rolling lessons are by appointment so that I can teach in a one on one setting. We use the Long Lake DNR Boat launch for this class as well.

Please see the Kayak Lessons page for details, or contact me @ 269.245.1526 for details.