Sunken Treasure

There’s a limited number of reasons to go out on the water in January in Michigan.

One reason is, no one else is there.

The other reasons are quite simple:
You see ducks taking V-flight formation at every corner turned. They are surprised to see you, fools that you are.
All smells are dampened by the cold.
Your nose runs and your hands go numb.
You finally warm up you look around and you see
cold grey nothing in every direction.
Until you look in the water and see a flash of color below like this.

It’s easy to become jaded on adrenaline, or to think that some more glamorous place in the Pacific Northwest might be better for the soul. Then you find this sunken treasure. I think it might be Harry Potter gilliweed in Gull Lake. If I eat it I can see the giant squid and breath underwater for an hour.

Check out the full size images here:

*Sunken Treasure-Wilco*

??There’s rows and rows of houses
With windows painted blue
With the light from a TV
Running parallel to you

But there is no sunken treasure
Rumored to be
Wrapped inside my ribs
In a sea black with ink

I am so
Out of tune
With you

I am so out of tune
With you

If I had a mountain
I’d try to fold it over
If I had a boat (probably roll over)
You know I’d probably roll over (leave it on the shore)

And I leave it on the shore (leave it for somebody)
I’d leave it for somebody
Surely there’s somebody
Who needs it more than me

I am so
Out of tune
With you

I am so out of tune
With you

For all the leaves will burn
In autumn fires and then return
For all the fires we burn
All will return

Music is my savior
I was maimed by rock and roll
I was maimed by rock and roll
I was tamed by rock and roll
I got my name from rock and roll??


  1. Hey Keith, looking for some info on the Riot Boogie you paddle. If you could drop me a line with your email address, I’d appreciate it.

  2. I found out what the gillyweed really is, thanks to the staff at the Kellog Biological Station (also at Gull Lake). It’s spatterdock (aka yellow pond lily, or cow’s lily) in it’s winter form. Here’s confirmation: