Surf Kayaker wonders-where the f#*k are the Fall Storms?

Worst Fall Storm Surf Kayaking Season Ever

Ok for the record, this has been the worst fall storm Surf Kayaking season on record. I’ve been out once. Last year was undoubtedly better. More days with wind. I was actually picking my days based on which way the wind was blowing.

The wind has been out of the frigging south east for the last three days? What the hay am I supposed to do with south east wind? That doesn’t even help the FIPS 🙂 It’s going to be November by the time the wind starts blowing.

Sunday, maybe, maybe will be a dead on shore wind at 20 knots with 4-7 foot waves, and I am so wave starved I am inclined to take it.


  1. I got out monday but it was uuuuu-ggggg-llly

    Waves and Keith did not get along that day!

  2. Hey, Keith. We were thinking about you this weekend and hoping you’d be out in what was forecast to be up to 17-foot waves. Did you get out on the water? How was it?

  3. 10-14 ft? Eh a hum… Gulp. Coast Guard conditions. RU going? Of course you are. Dont forget to charge your camera.

  4. or Fridays, or Thursdays

  5. I’ll try to do better, really I will. It’s got to start blowing on Saturdays.