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Surf and Travel. What better combination? Every Surf Paddler’s deepest dream is to surf a virgin break, with very little competition.

The photos from this surf trip to Morocco are really beautiful. Travel and surfing is something that I long to do. Laura and I keep talking about going to Costa Rica. I would love to go in winter to do some kayak surfing.

Morocco is very beautiful, and I had no idea it had any good surf at all. But I guess it makes sense if the Atlantic side has big swells you’re likely to see surf like they get in the Basque country. I remember getting excited when I saw how big the surf was in Baiko and Mundaka this winter.

It would be great to do a Paul Bowles Sheltering Sky type mosey through Africa to do Kayak Surfing on the west coast. Granted I would pass on catching a horrible disease and dying. But the traveling sounds great.

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On a usability note: the notepad entries on the bottom of the pictures look cool, but are completely illegible.