Surfing a Sea Kayak Article from Wayne Horodowich

This article from Wayne Horodowich does a really nice job explaining the mechanics of catching waves in a sea kayak.

He also makes mention of ensuring you pick a break appropriate to your craft and your skill level, which I have hinted to before.

He also wisely explains some of the potential pitfalls of surfing a sea kayak in a really cool way. He explained it as needing space, which I hadn’t particularly thought of before.

The real trick with a sea kayak in surf is that you do need loads of space. You need a wide break with few people in order to really master your technique. Being able to practice positioning, finding the right part of the peak, and how to bongo slide are essential skills for a sea kayaker. Unfortunately a crowded beach is not the place to do it.

We had a great group out on Lake Michigan in the first week in December where we had a nice slow peely break with 3 foot waves. This was a perfect practice ground for surfing sea kayaks. There was a wide beach with no one on it.
This is the perfect environment, (minus the cold temps) to practice your sea kayak surfing.

There is loads of fun to be had in whatever boat you have, but pick the right spot, and be aware of your surroundings. Wish I had some liquid to surf!