The Season by film maker Bryan Smith

The Season Trailer from Fitz Cahall on Vimeo.

Bryan Smith formerly of Body Boat Blade, and now of Reelwater Productions in British Columbia has a new web tv series hitting the internet called simply The Season.

The sponsors are impressive, (Arcteryx Outdoor Research, New Belgium Beer) for a paddling film which usually has the same three sponsors for each film. But the fact that this film covers, snowboarding, climbing, downhill mountain biking, and kayaking may have something to do with it. The footage above is impressive and may go a long way to improving the footage we see of outdoor pursuits. From what I understand a remote cable operated camera has a lot to do with the overhead perspective on some of the footage.

The premise for The Season series is to follow the athletes throughout a season of their activities as they pursue their athletic goals. The audience is allowed to see their triumphs, failures, and I am assuming whatever else happens. As I am not a one sport athlete either, I appreciate seeing how a mountain biker, climber or snowboarder has the same essential questions that paddlers do.

Why am I doing this? Is it for me? Do I need to keep pushing myself further and further, or can I be content with where my skills/endurance/training are now?

As a runner and a paddler I ask myself these questions a lot.

The psychology of the athlete is an interesting study, I look forward to seeing Smith’s film exploration of the subject.

You can subscribe to the series via iTunes here.
The Season on iTunes

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  1. Hello Bryan: There’s an interesting Creature Craft descent of the Grand Canyon of the Stikine being planned for September. The reason it’s interesting is because the objective is Site Z – the Canyon’s last remaining unrun rapid. If you’re not familiar with Creature Crafts Google: Creature Craft Sunset Falls

    They’re impressive boats and these guys and gals are impressive boaters.

    We have lots of sponsors and lots of helicopter time.

    I’m a big fan and I wanted to see if this thing might be of interest to you.

    Let me know.

    Regards, Roland