In the icelandic sagas, the characters have particular concern for the thinning of the blood from their fathers. Sons tried to measure up to fathers. And it was considered very grave if men failed the muster of their genealogy. Or if their fathers were particularly bad men, they did everything possible to break the bad blood with some great deed.

We all wonder if we measure up to the deeds and feats of our parents. Or if maybe we are the runt of the breed. My drive for certain physical and intellectual accomplishments has grounds in this.

My father turns 60 this year, and I can’t say if I measure up or not? Certainly I feel like I have some things under my belt. But I wonder if there is some final accomplishment that will put me at ease with myself, or if I will always feel as if I am a visitor in Valhalla?

What feat will grant me acceptance into that personal valhalla?
A marathon under 3:30?
An elbow roll?
Surfing the biggest waves out there?
Another book?
Raising a decent family?

I don’t know?

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  1. Good post Keith, and definately something I think about………quite a bit actually. I think regardless of what personal accomplishments we may notch (I think I have to give up on my dream of playing rugby for Wales, although I keep my boots polished just in case), the one that I strive for is raising my kids. If I turnout to be half a good as my Dad was, and later in life Gareth and Meg come to realize that I tried my danmdest, then I didn’t “thin the blood.”