This is the Sea 5 Release Canoecopia

Pretty cool to think that almost 9 years has gone by since the release of This is the Sea, almost a decade. To say that Justine transformed kayaking with this video might be overstatement, or hyperbole, or it might not. The opening shot of this trailer still gives me thrills. The revolution of on the water photography with digital waterproof video right at the paddler’s eye level, gave sea kayaking a double shot of espresso. Many paddlers already knew that sea kayaking was more than flat water paddling with sea birds, but seeing was believing. And Justine delivered. She also delivered four installments each unique in their own way. And the films each featured a variety of personalities, approaches, and journeys across the Globe, including the Great Lakes. We were fortunate enough to have Justine Curgenven visit the Great Lakes in 2005 and 2007 for further display in the This is the Sea II, III.

Justine described expeditions and journeys as a series of very big ups and very big downs. I thought it apt in her trailer that there were two such moments within the span of three seconds.



I am personally totally stoked to see This is the Sea V. I look forward to the preview at Canoecopia.