TideRace Xplor-S (17’-8”) for sale, good used condition, $3000



TideRace Xplor-S  for sale.  Black deck / black hull.  Built in Finland with the “Classic” layup, which includes the proprietary TCT TideRace Core Technology layering.  Plus, has Kevlar seam tape inside and outside. 


This boat is very sleek, pretty and responsive.  A real joy to paddle, feels very fast in the water, and rewards refined forward and steering strokes.  It is a great all-around sea kayak that performs well in a variety of conditions.


Length = 17’8”   Volume = 87 gallons, approximately same size as P&H Cetus MV. 


Rock-solid Finland built construction, which is exact same design as the current models which are built in Thailand.  However, these boats have NO footpegs.  I have built a removable foam footbed for my 6’0” height.  You could add footpeg tracks if you would like, either by yourself or local kayak shop. 


A great deal on a great British sea kayak; this boat new starts at $3750.




Location:  near Kalamazoo, MI

call: (269) 967-5107


Delivery:  will meet buyer within reasonable distance from I-94 corridor

 2 seam - red

 3 tail - red

4 cockpit - red


6 seam tape - red