Tonight I have to leave it

Snotty frozen rain and forty mile an hour winds buffeted me on my morning commute to work. The full winter commuting regalia made it’s first appearance. I think I still need some neoprene booties for my bike shoes. But the fenders and the Bianchi San Jose seem to be holding tight. Except the bloody seat post. I think the shop lubed the frame to preserve it during assembly. But unfortunately this means that the seat post will not stay put. It slides side to side and then eventually slides down about two inches. It’s driving me mad!

I made the mistake of looking out at the lake.

Today is a day where the gulls tuck close to the water’s edge. When the surge of the water climbs the beach, they take silly little steps back in near human surprise. If caught unaware when the storm rushes up the sand, the birds take flight with motionless wings. Their rigid wings tilt back and forth catching gusts. When you look out over the water, there is a jagged line of breakers that stretches as far as the eye can see, like an unending row of spilling sharks teeth. The wind whistles madly through the paddle shaft. Anything you put down blows down the beach. Launching and then breaking out is a herculean if not impossible task. Once out maybe you catch a ride, or maybe a ride catches you.

Having seen these waves first hand, I can now say this is nigh on surf-able.

Thursday is supposed to be a clean 4-7 foot day.

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  1. I wish I were young again and could look at a day like this with windsurfer on the car and the skill to ride that wind and those waves.