Top Ten Alternate Uses for Paddle Float Contest

Paddle Float Rescue with Afro

After a big discussion with the community about paddle floats and their use, or misuse. I thought it might be fun to collect the top ten alternate uses for a paddle float for a paddler t-shirt. We are going to be collecting them through-out the month of April. At the end of April I will compile the top ten list and have a Go Kayak Now t-shirt from Cafe Press made for the top 10 submissions and sent to the winners. The t-shirt will have the Go Kayak Now logo on the front with the completed list on the back.

Contest Rules:

  1. Submit your alternate use for the paddle float to the comments form of this post.
  2. You may submit only one alternate use, so make it a good one.
  3. The list will be tallied in the comment of the page, check the list for already submitted ideas so there are no duplicates
  4. Your idea may not contain profanity, hate speech, or derogatory comments about race, ethnicity, sexual preference, gender, or country of origin. It’s going on a t-shirt remember.
  5. Your idea must contain an idea for an alternate use for the paddle float.
  6. You must reside in the US or Canada to win. Sorry Europe I am cheap I am not shipping free t-shirts to Norway.
  7. Go Kayak Now will be the sole judge and arbiter of what is a funny, relevant and worthwhile alternate use

Sample idea: Alternate Paddle Float usage, whoopie cushion.

T-shirt design is on the way and will be posted shortly.

Best of luck, e-mail me with any questions.

By the way, when they have that pill that regrows your hair, I want the afro in the picture above.


  1. a ThighMaster (a key part of my workout routine since, oh, sometime in the 80's)

  2. paddle locator- keeps aluminium paddle afloat after losing paddle while attempting a self rescue.

  3. they work well to pad a composite boat on a roof rack.

  4. How about 2 foam kayak cradles inside a bag to make a paddle float!

    You don't need a paddle float when you're not on the water and likewise the cradles when you are!!

  5. You should award the prize to yourself for the newest use of the paddle float: Driving traffic to your blog from higher traffic paddling sites.

    -Editor's note-

    My response is below.

    • MO@GMAIL.COM-I'm afraid you have the advantage on me. You know who I am, and where I've been. But you are masking your identity behind a phony email address. If this is someone from or I'd be happy to accept a screen name.

      I have been making community contributions over the last 9 years both to and under my own name. This website does not make money, nor do I from paddling. At least for the moment. I put all the effort into designing, maintaining, and yes posting links to message boards where relevant.

      It seems to be a rather cowardly blow to send a message under a phony email address to someone who has been brave enough to post his ideas, his efforts, his failures under his own name. Oh and by the way your ip range says you are in georgia, which is leaning south, like maybe…Florida.

      Keith Wikle

  6. You could put it on the paddle blade, inflate it and use it to enhance the floatation qualities of your pad…

    Nah, forget it – it is too far fetched!

  7. Birthday hat, decorated with guirlandes.

  8. use two of them with strings and weights to setup an english gates course and practice reverse figure of eights

  9. Draw a Spongebob Squarepants face on it. Then you can talk to him on those lonely paddles, just like Tom Hanks and Wilson in "Castaway".

  10. It can be used to capture and store methane that would otherwise dissipate uselessly into the atmosphere.

  11. Kind of like a turkey or a pinata or a bear bag or a haversack: a tucker bag. Fill with edibles and drinkables, tote to qajaq, tuck in behind seat, tuck into contents at lunch time.

  12. Emergency personal flotation device.

  13. Ehhh. Used as a pillow when touring. Covered in my new tee shirt of course.

  14. a Thneed:

    "It's a shirt. It's a sock. It's a glove, It's a hat.

    But it has other uses. Yes, far beyond that.

    You can use it for carpets. For pillows! For sheets!

    Or curtains! Or covers for bicycle seats!"

    Does that count as more than one thing?

  15. I use mine to grow mildew.

  16. Get as many as you can gather, fill with helium, attach securely to kayak, get on board and pay tribute to "Lawn Chair Larry" by sailing skyward.

  17. yellow pad for campsite numbers & preferred beers.

  18. a bite protector to protect oneself from the sharks and gators in our favorite paddling areas! (as well as dogs on the beach too!)

  19. Beer flotation device to tow behind kayak.

  20. Wine "Bota-bag".

  21. Wrist immobiliser for paddlers with repetitive strain injury.

  22. Sea anchor – use tow system hooked up to paddle float to reduce wind drift.

  23. As an inexpensive pregnancy familiarization device: When worn under your clothes it will provide all the ungainly shape without the extra weight and urge to pee all the time.

  24. Stuffed into one's wetsuit as a "curve enhancer". Done properly, it works for women *and* men.