Two Michigans

Michigan is a land of seasons. Dichotomies of seasonality appeal to me. I don’t think I could live in a place where there were no seasons. Summer is obviously important, that’s where I get a lot of time on the bike and on the water. All of my paddling trips are done in summer. Fall and Spring are really the best running and surfing weather. But winter, winter is for skiing and backpacking for me. If there is to be winter, I say bring on the snow. The more the better. At a baser level I think seeing the world silently encased in a layer of cold snow is reassuring. It makes me feel that everything can and will change. I know the snow won’t last. Summer will come again. And I will see the other Michigan. The one of muggy summer heat, mosquitoes, and tourists.

Last winter there was only enough snow to go skiing once. I’ve been out twice already and hope to get out again this weekend.

Cross country skiing like everything else I love is about getting from point a to point b under your own power.

Al Sabo trails is probably the best place to get in some nice trail time in the Kzoo area.

The best hope is to enjoy where you are. I always hear folks moaning about Michigan. I know they love summer, the warmth, and the sunshine. So do I. But I couldn’t love them, unless I knew that a cold north wind might blow, and six to eight inches of snow might dump. I like the thought of being forced to wax up my skiis to go get groceries. I might feel differently as I get older, but for now I love both Michigan’s, the cold snowy arctic one, and the steamy bright summer on the lake one too.

By the way sorry about all the self-portraits. I am not really this vain. I’m just that uncool, couldn’t find anyone to ski with. And as you’ll notice finding winter paddling partners is rare and crazy too.

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  1. oh sure you’re that vain. Admit it!!! Got that whole sunglasses and beard thing goin’ on. . .