Two more Broken Social Scene Videos-One is a Cadbury Commercial!

Just when you thought I would stop with the Broken Social Scene…

This Cadbury Commercial using Broken Social Scene’s venerable Stars and Sons is pretty dead on. This is one of my favorite tunes actually. I love the bass line, it’s pretty stellar. The commercial is pretty whack with everyone showing up in a park from underneath umbrella’s, picnic baskets etc.

The lyrics for Stars and Sons from You Forgot it in People do sort of fit the commercial, though I will say that the comprehensibility *sic of the lyrics is always in question for Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning.

Then when you let it
You asked for nothing
Why don’t you share it
All of the time you live
There’s something out there

This way we’ll know, how far to live on
there’s one more avenue in this town
And in the red room
At a distance

How would you know it
You’re the same when you’re living
I don’t know it
It won’t be this

This way we’ll know, how far to live on
This way we’ll know, how far to live on

All of the time you wait, there’s someone out there
And no one can find all the red

How would you show it
You can see through the red
I don’t know it
It won’t be this time

Churches under the stairs

Remember when I posted the Juan’s Basement Jam of Churches Under the Stairs. Here is the music video. I think I love this one the most off of Brendan Canning’s BSS Presents album. And the dueling bands video is pretty awesome. It’s really interesting to listen to the comparison between the jam and the finished track.

Beware, Broken Social Scene will not relent, and neither will I!