ÃœbeerCross Ride

This ride organized by Jason Roon and Gene (forgot his last name) should be an epic trail ride for beer. I’m thinking t-shirts should be made! Only inherent danger is missing the Bright Eyes and Andrew Bird Show at the State theater that night.

Details in PDF or below.

Saturday, October 20, 2007
11 am from Bell’s Brewery
Ride at your own pace.
Self supported.
Maps provided.
Course crudely marked.
Roughly 60 miles – 40% dirt, 60% pavement.
100% paved option.
You get yourself to Bells.
You ride the bike of your choice to Founders.
You drink irresponsibly.
Someone sober gets you home safely.
It’s not organized. It may not even be legal. It’s just a
cool October ride. And we’re doin’ it. Pass the word.
A pint-to-pint event!
Bell’s to Founders Epic Cyclocross Ride

Join us at 11 am for a pint at Bell’s
in downtown Kalamazoo. Finish at
Founders soon-to-be old location in
downtown Grand Rapids.
Then ice down that hangover on
Sunday via the creek crossing on the
KissCross course at Cannonsburg Ski

Details at kisscross.com:”http://www.kisscross.com”

Querfeldeins Rennen.
Das über Bierfest ist fantastisch.
Ãœber affen geil!

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  1. Sounds like fun, but it might just be too much driving for me. I’d have to leave a vehicle in K-Zoo (daughter has a soccer game that morning) and talk my wife into picking me up in GR not to mention retrieving my truck in K-Zoo. Dang