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  1. According to the photographer the lens makes the board surfer look closer than he was. And he most most likely ducked to go under the wave, and maybe not to avoid the sea kayak.

    As to how close he really was, or how many other surfers were in the water while the paddler was executing his maneuver-I don't know. According to the photographer's comments on, the Australians have a more lax approach to territorialism on the water than we do in the states. Though what actual kayak surfing experience any of these folks have is unknown to me. I certainly didn't intend to stir the pot quite this much!

    I think what seems to be clear is that there are some differing opinions and experience with surfing breaks with board surfers.

    For my own part though I dearly love sea kayaking, you'll never catch me doing this in a lineup in NorCal.