1. Hey, Kayak asshole he could have just as well said Volvo.

  2. There should be a support group. I couldn’t stop talking to my co-workers today about a kayak-camping trip I’m planning. I could tell by the look on each face as I told the story (for the third, fourth or fifth time today) that they were not remotely interested, but i couldn’t stop myself.

    – kayak bitch

  3. F@cking brilliant!

  4. Ha!

    Well, we don’t wish you would drown.
    Like the guest Phil Collins appearance.

  5. Yeah,

    sometimes I end up forgoing somewhat more intellectual pursuits in favor of paddling because of the immediate tangible rewards. Perhaps this is good, perhaps bad…

  6. Don’t ya hate it when things hit that close to home? Thanks for posting that. I know that some of my friends feel that way about me. I have been wrapped up in whitewater and Mtn. Biking for about 7 years now and I have caught myself not being able to string two sentences together without one of them being about kayaking.

    I recently lost my best friend (who btw..lived in your neck of the woods) and I know he felt that way, because he told me so. I regret that a little.

    Keep up your good work. Your blog is looking great.