What makes a good wilderness kayak trip?

Spray Falls Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Barring a full post on my sea kayaking wilderness trip, I thought I would start sharing photos with the simple thought starter.

What makes or breaks a good wilderness trip for you?

Having dramatic scenery such as this peppered throughout the trip is essential for me? I love having rocks, cliffs, sea stacks, and caves to poke my kayak around. Without dramatic topography I get very impatient and ready to pull over and take a nap.

Let’s hear your thoughts.

One Comment

  1. For me, it requires a little topography, a little solitude, a little weather, and a little risk that turns out well.

    And, I hate to say this, no little kids. I say this based purely on personal experience, because I used to have several rewarding wilderness trips every year, but then I had kids. Before anybody jumps down my throat, I will say that I still have hope for the future. I can imagine a time when my kids are slightly older, and I can spend time searching for adventure with them, rather than worry about them.