Who’s the dumbest, but luckiest person you know?

Lost @ 7:45 last night as I was leaving the pool.

Werner Sidekick 194cm carbon foam core 35 degree offset
Ikea bag with:
Retrofit Kokatat PFD SZ M-L
Immersion Research Neoprene paddle pants size L
NRS Hydroskin Top Brand new size M
Snap Dragon Seatour spraydeck Size M-L
Beach towel

Approximate value = $1000.00

Last seen near rear pool entrance @ Gable Natatorium Pool

I accepted help from some awesome students in the pouring rain to load 4 kayaks onto my car, and then promptly left this stuff behind.

I recovered it this morning when I went to return all of the boats to lee’s and discovered I had left all of this behind.

Moral of the story is….
If you are an absent minded dork. Accept help, but accept it in the order you normally do things.

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  1. Well…*I’m* the dumbest person I know, at least in this context. Looks like you win the lucky prize though!