Purchasing a waterproof camera does not make one a professional waters ports photographer, or worse yet, a digital camera capable of digital movie making does not make you the Frederico Fellini of kayaking.

Have a look at my attempts of self portrait and films and you will see why Justine is a professional, and I am a loser with the a 300 dollar camera.


  1. ah, those are nice. . Even Justine with all her talent still couldn’t make me look cool!!

  2. I agree with Steve, don’t be so hard on yourself….I think you captured the snot coming out of your nose beautifully!!

  3. lol, nice tuilik. 🙂

  4. Don’t be so hard on yourself, I think they’ve got character.

    Did I ever show you the shot I took of my bow while rolling off Sleeping Bear Dunes?

    Of course, I was using a $10 disposable…