Winter storm misfortune WMCKA Pool Sessions

Keith Wikle Volvo Broken Down on tow truck with kayaks on the roof

We tried to go to the pool in GR. Laura and I kept going back and forth about whether or not to go. It’s too snowy, I thought, then I got bummed because I really wanted to get in the pool and practice my rolls. Isabella was all gung ho! She was ready to paddle in the pool. So we eventually loaded up the 1993 Volvo DL with the kayaks and headed north.

Side note is, I love this car. I got it from my Grandmother in Florida. She decided not to drive anymore and I flew down to Florida with my Dad a couple years ago to get it. It only has about 60,000 miles on it. I put raingutter racks and a kayak stacker on it. I can fit four kayaks on their side on top plus a bike. It is very easy to load as it is low to the ground. I almost always prefer loading kayaks on this vehicle to the 2004 minivan we own. It takes half the time and harsh language to load the Volvo.

I bike commute almost year round. The only time I don’t cycle to work, is when there is 4-6 inches of snow still on the street. Which is of course now!

Not soon after we were loaded up and on the road, the car began sputtering, losing power and then finally stalled at a gas station in Plainwell. I called a tow truck to come get the car and we spent the rest of the day dealing with the car and getting the kayaks onto our minivan and driven home.

If you have kind words or prayers for the Gold Bomber send them my way.


  1. It would take serious body damage, or engine fire to get me to sell the car!

  2. Sorry to hear about the Volvo. Just remember that on average, repair bills are still cheaper than car payments. Are the KCKC pool sessions back on for Wednesday nights at Kalamazoo Central? It’d get Izzy in the pool and cure your cravings.

  3. The picture says it all.
    Should I bring Anneke on the 24th? I THINK she would dig it.
    She and I will be in Kazoo earlier that day, so maybe it is the way to go?! I will try to get a sense on how she would do. At this point, for her, kayak = warm summer days, butterflies, and turtles.

  4. That’s a classic Keith I love it!!!! I’m just surprised you didn’t have the tow truck take you to the pool and wait till the session was over. Don’t get rid of the Bomber it’s got sentimental value plus paddle stories to go with it.