World’s Fastest Indian

Rarely is there that opportunity where father and son blog on the same topic, but here it is. _The World’s Fastest Indian_ a film about legendary speed freak Burt Munro tickled my fancy.
Burt Munro set the land speed record for a motorcycle under 1000cc’s at 204.5 mph in 1967 at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.

While my fathers interest was piqued by the motorcycle spin, mine was stimulated by the dialog; which it turns out based on the special features on the DVD was based on something Burt Munro actually said, “You can live more in five minutes on a motorcycle at [that] speed than most people live in a lifetime.”

Apply that statement to anything as extreme as surf paddling, running a marathon, cyclocross and recycle.

I can certainly say that my life has been enriched by stepping out of my box and taking a few risks. I am deemed by folks in my paddling club, my family, my co-workers and the general public as something of a nut when it comes to what I do with my free time. When I saw Burt Munro I saw an old eccentric. How long can I last as a nut, before I am labeled an old eccentric?