Go Kayak Now



Go Kayak Now offers kayaking lessons  and canoeing lessons and SUP lessons Stand Up Paddle for southwest Michigan. We offer a wide variety of courses, and can also do custom courses upon request.

Keith Wikle is a certified ACA and BCU instructor who offers student centered instruction across sea, surf, and whitewater disciplines.

  • White water kayaking is locally available in Southwest Michigan with a variety of fun places to learn how to paddle in current.
  • Surf kayaking instruction is available along the many wonderful spots of Lake Michigan. We have world class surf on our doorstep, check it out.
  • Sea Kayaking instruction is available including adventures along the shore of Lakes Michigan and Superior, as well as many inland spots.
  • Paddlesports fundamentals are always available either in outdoor sessions locally in Kalamazoo, or out on the coastal environment.


Keith is also the organizer and founder of the Gales Storm Gathering.