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I’ve organized my gear and kayak reviews into a variety of categories.

Reviews are performed against kayaks that I have either owned or paddled on more than one occasion in a variety of conditions and sea state. I typically will refrain from voicing an opinion on a kayak that I have only paddled on flat water.

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Werner Ikelos Review

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  • Riot Boogie
  • Mega Maverick
  • Mega UFO
  • Mega Neutron
  • Valley Rush


  1. I’m considering buying a used Valley Norkapp HS to add to my kayak fleet and was hoping to understand wHat “HS” meant but I was unable to locate the info and review that you listed. can you help?

    • The nordkapp originally had different hull shapes to include an integrated skeg in the tail.

      The HM had an integrated skeg is essentially a longer finer keel edge that stuck further into the water to make it more like a drop skeg, without the ability to remove it. Some people really hated it because they found it hard to maneuver in difficult seas without feeling unstable.

      The HS did not have the integrated skeg, but instead had a more "normal" drop skeg.

      I actually liked the integrated skeg on the HM and found the boat to be really fun in following seas. I paddled it under the golden gate bridge in fairly steep chop 2-3 foot wind waves with an incoming tide. Great boat.

      The HS is a really great boat, but a bit big to be honest for most folks, unless you intend to do a lot of tripping.

      Keith Wikle

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