21st Annual WMCKA Symposium This Weekend

Jeff Allen of Sea Kayaking Cornwall paddling in a race with a pool noodle.

WMCKA Symposium is this weekend. If you’re sick of your inlaws and want to stop by the best gig in town, come on by to big Blue Lake for the 21st Annual West Michigan Sea Kayakers’ Symposium.

Nigel Foster standing in his boat

Nigel Foster will be our guest speaker and instructor this year. This is the second time Nigel has come to our symposium, but the first in 7 years. Ironically that was the first time I attended WMCKA. So it is a full circle event for me.

I have been to almost every symposium in the Midwest, trust me this is the one not to miss.

I’ve been putting together a presentation on Surf Kayaking and wave dynamics for sea kayakers. I may post that here soon as well. I will be giving that presentation with Ken Fink.

Hope to see you there.

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