ACA ICE Presentation on Piloting for Sea Kayakers

In the second of my two presentations, the first being on Tides, is my presentation on piloting. The IDW/ICE was a great experience and I learned a lot through the process. I am not entirely displeased with this presentation, nor am I overtly thrilled about it. But having had the experience was a good one despite how I might feel about the result. I think other candidates should take note that the more interactive and fun your presentation is, the better you will do.

The object is to present basic information on piloting to a group of beginners in 10 minutes or less. So you have to cover a lot of information in 10 minutes, but not get to far into the weeds.

I use power point every day at work, so this seemed a good way of measuring my time, one slide per minute. Ask questions and get the group involved.


  1. Very well put together presentation.

    I would love to see it supplemented with a short discussion on the determination/estimation of distance since that can also be considered important.

  2. I like it! Short and sweet. Adding a separate point on using a range to determine drift would be nice. This is what I use an impromptu range for the most. Nice job.