Accidents do happen… twice a day

After writing a check for over 2000 for the cracked cylinder heads on my GM Minivan, I thought I was done with auto expenses for at least a week.

I decided to load up the minivan and go paddling in the 50 degree weather. My mother in law and wife were sitting inside the living room watching me load my kayak on the roof by way of a step ladder. One of them had uttered these vile words: ” I don’t know how he does that by himself every time.” The ladder perched precariously in a gravel and mud coctail gave way and I came tumbling down with my Silhouette on top of me. The kayak landed on my ear of all things. But luckily the passenger side mirror broke it’s fall. The mirror was snapped off at the housing. The kayak was fine, but my ear still hurts like the dickens. I guess 55 lbs of silhouette dropped from six feet on your ear will hurt.

I rigged the mirror back into position with Duct Tape. It looks bad, and it came loose once on the drive home.

I had a nice paddle out on Gull Lake in 12 knot gusts. We had to navigate around some ice on the way out. We stopped and trespassed at a private cottage for a minute to stretch our legs. I made some glittering Calder like ice sculptures while I was there. I also practiced some palms up hand rolls, with no success until I switched to the upwind side. Then I came up both times. Palms up is harder than palms down.

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  1. I have a car with that same repair job & same cause!! We finally replaced the tap with superglue!