Album #18, For the Beauty of Wynona, Daniel Lanois

LANOIS, DANIEL - For the Beauty of Wynona - Music

Daniel Lanois from Hamilton Ontario serviced many artists great records. I think this was his first great record. I liked Acadie, but this is a better record. There is a ton of warmth, soul and directness to this album that I always return to.  It’s the sort of album that seems immediately made to film a grainy black and white film about a cross country road trip.

The Messenger, Still Learning How to Crawl, Lotta Love to Give, and Sleeping in the Devil’s Bed still ring true after almost 30 years. And his later work from Shine, Here is What is, and now some of his more experimental lap steel guitar albums are in constant circulation. His guitar playing is very unique and always seems to go after an unheard sort of style or sound, from scraping strings to strumming, and effect setups. His voice is beautiful and evokes his Quebecois roots.


I think of you when I tell myself
And the fever rises high
I think of you and I get what’s comin’
Sleeping in the Devil’s bed
Oh, why, why, why, why, baby why?