Chris Harvey Kayak Surfing Video tip tock at the dock

Chris Harvey Kayak Surfing

This guy is poetry in motion. He is the current Santa Cruz Surf Kayak Festival Champion (editors note I originally typed World Surf Kayak Champion which is incorrect thank you to Shorebreak Mafia for the correction) at the ripe age of 26. I don’t think I would have been able to even break out in that steep dump. It’s sick to watch how much control he has on the lip. It’s great to watch him instinctively grab air off the lip in his surf boat. It’s also interesting to note how much hull speed he is getting prior to take off.

I am getting very stoked for spring surf! Or if need be, late winter surf.

Chris Harvey Steamer Lane Santa Cruz 2008


  1. Chris Harvey is not the World Champion. Rusty Sage is. Edu Ext. is the World Cup champ.

  2. Short boat surfing is it’s own art. Long boat surfing is sort of like trying to crash land a cadillac when you could be doing sweet dirt bike jumps.


  3. excellent surf vid. I generally do more sea kayak surfing, but this makes me want to do more short boat surfing.