Davenport Paddle Surf Classic

Davenport Surf Classic

Geoff Jennings, whom I interviewed earlier this year, is organizing the Davenport Paddle Surf Classic. This paddle surf competition is held annually Nov 12-13 at Davenport Landing. They had around fifty competitors last year, and it will probably grow this year.

Davenport is just North of Santa Cruz, at Davenport Landing. This is a great, local favorite for paddle surfing known for big waves and a fairly easy paddle out.

Davenport Paddlesurf Classic

The competition has four primary classes:

  • High Performance
  • International Class
  • Stand Up Paddle Board
  • Waveski

A women’s specific final is held for kayak surfing and SUP Surfing.

SUP Paddle surfing Davenport Classic

The fifth competition is probably the coolest, King of the Wave. The challenge is an open craft surf-off! The best surfers regardless of craft, as long as it is paddle propelled face off for the King of the Wave comp. I would love to see this one!

If you love paddle surfing and love high-energy fun, you can’t beat Santa Cruz and Davenport for a great experience. Highly recommend heading out west for this comp. Register for the Davenport Paddle Surf Classic today.

Contact Geoff @ Geoff @ kayaking dot com with any questions about the competition, or about local accommodations.