Here is what is-Daniel Lanois film

Daniel Lanois may be the most under rated musician I’ve ever heard. Of course that could be an over statement of huge proportions. As he has worked with many of the biggies, Dylan, U2, Emmylou Harris, Brian Eno, Peter Gabriel, and Willie Nelson, (Nelson’s Lanois produced album-Teatro is probably in my top ten album list of all time) he is not under rated, just sort of behind the scenes. Certainly there are many under appreciated talents. Will Oldham, Tom Waits, Broken Social Scene, Wilco, Wolf Parade, but each has their own sort of relative white hot flame of fame. Daniel Lanois has his own relative gravity and heat I guess. His solo albums are magnificent. And based on his own relative fame, I am always surprised when no one has heard of him. Because I am into some commercial rock and roll, obviously I can’t claim to be indier than thou. The pitchfork bashing showed no bounds on Lanois’ last albums. I guess I differ, probably more than just be age, and feel that a thing of beauty transcends impressing your friends with how off-radio your record collection is. My argument is always the same, ever hear The Beatles Revolver? Beautiful isn’t it?

Lanois has made a film called, “Here is what is”: that is purportedly all about the new music he has been making with Brian Blade, U2 and Eno. I’m always excited to see what they come up with. I’m cautiously optimistic about the U2 end of things, but outrageously excited about the Lanois end of things. Check out the trailer below.

The film debuts at the “Toronto Film Festival”: this September.